Participate in an exclusive workshop with composer Pieter Schlosser!

Participate in an exclusive workshop with composer Pieter Schlosser!

Saturday, 20.11.2021

Submit your music to a given cutscene and get it analyzed, receive improvement suggestions and discuss it intensively with Pieter at the workshop. Improve your skills right away by Streamlining and enhancing your workflow for efficiency and speed in order to focus on creativity with him.
The workshop is limited to 10 active participants and 2 passive observers, which do not have to submit own music and are not part of the practical work, but can witness the whole workshop.

Fill in the application form below. You will receive a confirmation or rejection email after your submitted music was checked by Pieter Schlosser.

About the workshop:

Prior to the workshop every potential participant has to submit their own music for a film clip provided by SoundTrack_Cologne 18. In an introduction Pieter Schlosser will outline the elements and requirements of the film clip and will go into every participant’s music after that, suggest improvements and discuss options. The workshop’s objective is – on the one hand – to convey a sense of an actual briefing and discussion situation with an audio director, on the other hand to give an impression of essential composing rudiments of an experienced composer. Through the individual review every participant shall discover personal improvement or alteration potentials.

After the analysis every workshop participant will be given time to rework their music to tracks and stems that can be used specifically in video games. Of course a clear briefing on that will be given. This means that the participants shall bring an appropriate working equipment. Subsequently the changes in every participant’s music will be analyzed and discussed.

About the workshop:


Applicants can download the video file, the scoring assignment (director’s notes) and after filling in the application form

For a successful workshop attendance the following things are necessary:

- An original self-composed musical draft for the provided film scene as MP3 or WAV file (only for the active participants)

- All application forms have to be submitted completely and correctly filled in (for active participants and passive observers!)

- Technical basic requirement for composing on a local workstation: laptop computer with DAW, headphones, music-synchronous film playback (e.g. directly in the DAW), midi-keyboard (only for the active participants)

- A written confirmation of participation by SoundTrack_Cologne (for active participants and passive observers!)

Please note:

In order to give the maximum number of participants the chance to take part on the workshop, by submitting your music draft (only for active participants) and by signing the application form you agree that if you receive a certificate of participation from SoundTrack_Cologne you will take part on the workshop and you will pay the participation fee beforehand. Please verify for yourself that you can attend the workshop at the given time and that you can fulfil the requirements.

The participants will be chosen by SoundTrack_Cologne and Pieter Schlosser after rating the material sent in and by the order of registrations. There is no right of appeal.

The participation fee is:

175,00 euros for active participants
85,00 for passive observers

In addition, you have to acquire a SoundTrack_Cologne 18 accreditation!


a) Video file with Dialog and cue mixed for review (you’ll find the original dialogue on the left channel and the temp music on the right channel in the video).

b) Session file (logic, Cubase, ProTools, etc)
c) Stems for mix
1. Stereo Mix
2. Orchestra
3. Synth
4. Vocals (if any)
5. Piano/Harp
6. Efx
7. Percussion

DEADLINE: November 10, 2021

Application form

Please make sure to have your correct email address, as we will send you the information by email.