European Talent Competition


The aim is to compose a new musical interpretation to the short film "UnVernunft" ("UnReason") (D: Hanna Viktoria Heimann). Candidates can either compose the score and/or produce the sound design to the film. They may also work together and apply as a combined composer/sound designer team. We wish to particularly encourage sound designers to apply to the competition!

Please note: This year the competition will consist of two steps (see below)!

The twelve finalists will be presented with their works to the audience and the jury at SoundTrack_Cologne. The competition screening and the award gala will take place on June 11, 2022.

Short film "UnVernunft”

Germany 2022, 8 min

Directed by: Hanna Viktoria Heimann
Production Company: WennDann Film GmbH in Co-Production with HFF München
Producers: Felix Mann, Simon Bogocz, Ben Ulrich

Synopsis: Three friends get ready for a party. Rosa, the host, is torn between the clashing moral standards of the other two – until an argument breaks out that escalates in a bloody way.

In cooperation with HFF München

This year the competition will consist of two steps:

1. The participants have to download the current film version after their registration in order to produce the music and sound design until May 1, 2022! (Please upload the movie as described in the guidelines as .mp4 file or .mov file, the audio track as wav. file!)

2. The pre-jury will review the submissions and select 12 nominees. These will be notified in mid-May and will receive the Picture Lock together with their nomination. The nominees will then have time until June 3, 2022 to adapt their music and/or sound design to the Picture Lock.

Please note: The adaptation of the music and/or the sound design to the Picture Lock is a prerequisite for the nominees to present their entry to the main jury! Therefore, nominees should note the time for the final adaptation of their submissions between mid-May and June 3, 2022.

FAQ • European Talent Competition

Yes, as long as you are an active student in the field of sound design/sound and/or composition at an European film and/or music school, there is no age limit.

It is possible to submit more than one project, but they need to differ in every creative aspect from each other. This means that you can’t use the same sound design with just different music on it.

We prefer common filehosting-services like Dropbox, MyAirBridge or WeTransfer. It is important that we do not have to register on a page in order to download the file and that the download link does not expire until the end of the festival.

Yes, you can enter the contest as a team, even if several people worked on sound design/music only. If you worked in a team, you have to upload the movie with music and sound design of you and your partner and an mp3 file with your work only. If you worked as a team of composer and sound designer, please include your part of the work as additional MP3 file (e.g. if you composed the score, the MP3 should contain the score only. If you did the sound design, the MP3 should contain the sound mix only).

If you don't have the possibilities to use real instruments, sound libraries are fine.

You can choose if you want to compose the music, do the sound design or do both. There will be no disadvantages if you only do one of them, because there will be two different prizes for both, music and sound design.

If you are not European, you must at least study at a European school.

Winner WDR Filmscore Award 2021: Ludwig Peter Müller

"This work left us with the feeling that something special was happening while we watched it. It’s journey from humour to pathos was special in that it was created from minimal instrumental means. Additionally, by just changing the tempo of the drumset, effective and unexpected emotional narrative impact was provided, and it was the film we all wanted to see again and again."

Winner Best Sound Design 2021: Maximilian Sattler

"This is an inspiring and convincing piece of work, always serving the story with sensitivity and wit. The sound design is full of contrasts and the space is beautifully created."

Honorary Mention 2021: Delta Sound Composers

“Collaboration is an integral part of film music and sound design process. Our Lobende Anerkennung/Honourable Mention showed us that with the right communication you can build great things even within a large team. By introducing a new piece of music in the credits they let the story evolve further and in a captivating way.“


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