Gareth Coker


Gareth Coker’s style of combining unconventional soundscapes with melodically driven themes was brought to prominence through the 2015 hit game Ori and the Blind Forest. The game became one of the highest rated games on the Xbox One, with the universally acclaimed soundtrack winning several prestigious awards, including an Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award for Outstanding Music Composition, and the Game Audio Network Guild’s Audio of the Year.

Originally from England, he has lived away from home since he was eight, in Hilversum (Holland), Baltimore, Utsunomiya (Japan), and currently Los Angeles. His multinational background has helped him draw from numerous cultural perspectives, shaping his musical sound over the years.

Since the release of Ori, he has been given the opportunity to compose for some of gaming’s biggest properties, including Minecraft, and ARK Survival Evolved. He has just completed the score for Insomniac Games VR title “The Unspoken”.