Laurens was born in 1990 near Rotterdam, and started playing piano at the age of 8 years. After a few years he also started playing in an orchestra and a big band, and also started arranging popular film scores for the exact formation of the orchestra. After high school, he immediately started college education in music composition, production and performance in Hilversum. He works for large feature films, TV-series, but also smaller theatre productions.



  • Mannen van mars (2018) [composer]
  • Circus Noël (TV Series) (2017) [composer]
  • Weg van jou (2017) [arranger, assistant composer]
  • Bella Donna’s (2017) [arranger, assistant composer]
  • Storm: Letters van vuur (2017) [orchestrator]
  • Flikken Rotterdam (TV Series) (2016-2017) [composer]
  • De Spa (TV-Series) (2017) [composer]
  • Meester Kikker (2016) [assistant composer]
  • Fataal (2016) [composer]
  • Kollektivet (2016) [assistant composer]
  • Lost in the game (TV-Series) (2016) [composer]
  • Mannenharten 2 (2015) [assistant composer]
  • Het Geheim van Eyck (TV-Series) (2015) [composer]
  • Code M (2015) [composer]
  • Nederland Waterland (Documentary TV-Series) (2015) [composer]