Thomas Nicol is a music composer and sound designer. His study of music was confirmed at the conservatory of Saint-Étienne with instrumental composition and orchestration before validating his D.E.M in Musique Concrète and Sound Design in the class of Diego Losa (GRM of Paris) in 2015.

In 2016 he took part in the Master Class at the Aubagne International Film Festival under the direction of Gilles Alonzo and Bruno Coulais.

He also won the price of best music for Une Amourette, by Isabelle Kågström.




  • CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 1939 (Sound creation for muted video archives. France 5. Feature film 52min. La Casquette Productions. Scheduled broadcast in 2019)
  • WAR AND PEACE MUSEUM IN THE ARDENNES (Creation of sound design for reconstitutions of trenches and battlefields. Original soundtracks for 6 documentary short-films. Produced by La Casquette Productions. 2018)
  • HISTORIAL OF THE SOLDIER PEASANT (Original soundtrack for 2 documentary short-films, sound creation for a memorial and sound restoration of video archives. Museum of Fleuriel. Produced by La Casquette Productions. 2015)
  • FOUR LIVES IN RESISTANCE (Sound restoration of video archives. Le Panthéon in Paris. La Casquette Productions. 2015)
  • 600 YEARS OF COAL ADVENTURE (For the Museum of Saint-Étienne. 14 min. Produced by La Casquette Productions. 2014)
  • THE GREAT SPORTS DRAMAS : FURIANI (RMC Découverte. Music of credits. 2013)


Short Films 

  • DÉBANDADE (Humor/experimental. 9 min. Dir. Bertrand Chanal. Produced by Mathieu Lesueur. France. 2015)
  • L'ÉCHAPÉE (Drama/experimental. 12min. Dir. Morgane Maurel. École Louis Lumière. France. 2015)
  • HANDSOME AND PRETTY (Animation. 5 min. Directed by Iris Visser. Produced by Robin Stjenberg, Sweden. 2015)
  • AH ! (Drama. 7 min. Directed by Mohanad Diab, Egypt. 2015. Best Short Film at the Delhi International Film Festival)
  • UNE AMOURETTE (Musical. 4min30. Directed by Isabelle Kågström, Sweden. Best music price at Sverig Kortfilm Festival. 2015. )
  • CONVERSIÒN (Danse /experimental. 3min. Dir by Kay Villegas, Peru. 2014)
  • ON THE ROAD (Social. 3min. Dir by Catherine Breton, Quebec. 2014)
  • CLICHÉ (Comedy. 7min. Dir by Gonzalo Caride, Spain. 2014)
  • NIQUE TA PELUCHE (Comedy/Animation. 7 min. Dir by François Mercier, Quebec. 2014.)
  • SEUL À SEUL (Comedy/Action. 22 min. Dir by Bertrand Chanal and Nicolas Hugon, France. 2012. Thomas won a grant for music composition by the SACEM)



  • Post Human W.A.R (6 in-game original soundtracks, 1 teaser, 1 trailer and victory and defeat jingles) Studio Chahut. Published in 2017 by Playdius Entertainment)