AWARD WINNERS at SoundTrack_Cologne 19 · 2022

Walter Murch · Lifetime Achievement Award

Lorenzo Gioelli · WDR Filmscore Award

David Kamp · Peer Raben Music Award

 Anonymous Club · See The Sound Music Documentary Award

Three-time Academy Award winner Walter Murch received the Lifetime Achievement Award of SoundTrack_Cologne 19 on Saturday evening, 11. June. The laudation was held by Academy Award winner John Ottman.

In the EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION, Lorenzo Gioelli won the WDR Filmscore Award, whereas the contribution of Martina Cirillo received an honourable mention from the jury.

The Peer Raben Music Award 2022 went to David Kamp for the music to the shortfilm "Zoon".

The See The Sound Music Documentary Award went to "Anonymous Club" directed by Danny Cohen and produced by Philippa Campey.

The 20th edition of SoundTrack_Cologne will take place from 14. to 17.06.2023.

Walter Murch · Lifetime Achievement Award

"Just like a good score is often the soul of a film, Walter himself was the soul of so many of the films he worked on - for instance 'Apocalypse Now' with his elegant, almost painter-like picture editing, with profound collages of both imagery and sound. And it's of wide opinion that no film since then has had a deeper and more emotional soundscape. Walter opened our eyes with sound to help us see and feel. It was also the first film to use the term 'sound designer', adding more respect to the craft'', said John Ottman about fellow Oscar winner Walter Murch during his laudation on Saturday.

Murch, who received this year's SoundTrack_Cologne 19 Lifetime Achievement Award, had some inspiring words for the audience: "It's the job of filmmakers to push wherever they can, to push all the aspects of film, because it has the ability to speak to different parts of the human brain directly. We can influence the audience instinctually, we can influence them emotionally, and we can influence them intellectually with the direct appeal through all the technologies that we have developed in the last 120 years. It's our job not only to do this but to do it with a conscience for the good in us and the good in the audience, to push the art further and to then integrate these things so that, hopefully, we can improve the human condition by what we do."

By creating new standards for editing and sound design, Walter Murch revolutionized Hollywood and significantly shaped the word "Sound Designer". He was dubbed the "Godfather of Modern Sound" in a nod to his work on "The Godfather" film series. He began his career in 1969 with Francis Ford Coppola’s "The Rain People." Since then, his body of work includes cinematic milestones, including "The English Patient", "The Talented Mr Ripley", and "Cold Mountain."

The laudation was held by Academy Award winner John Ottman.


Lorenzo Gioelli · WDR Filmscore Award

The winner of the WDR Filmscore Award is Lorenzo Gioelli. An honourable mention from the jury went to Martina Cirillo.

The winner of the WDR FILMSCORE AWARD has the opportunity to record his composition with the WDR Rundfunkorchester.

The jury’s statement for Lorenzo Gioelli:

"Lorenzo Gioellis music took a different approach to scoring the film which shows many good contrasts in its use of rhythm, presentation of interesting harmonies and an impressive commitment to periods of silence. This creates a mutual cinematic experience that holds the music in dialogue with the narrative of the film, capturing an interesting overall atmosphere. The story is transported to the audience with music that finds the right mood."

11 composers and sound designers were nominated for the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD and presented their compositions to the public and the jury on the morning of SoundTrack_Cologne 19’s final day. For the competition, which was created to offer a platform to highlight young talent, all entrants had to create a new musical interpretation for the short film "UnVernunft" ("UnReason") by director Hanna Viktoria Heimann (HFF Munich) and WennDann Film.

The jury consisted of composers Marcel Barsotti and Sanna Salmenkallio, WDR Funkhaus Orchestra conductor Gordon Hamilton, director Hanna Heimann and sound supervisor & designer Josef Steinbüchel, Torus Filmtonpostproduktion.

The jury’s statement for Martina Cirillo:

"Her imaginative approach creates a mysterious atmosphere, especially at the beginning and at the end of the film with its delicate and subtle approach between sound worlds. The score utilises dynamic contrasts effectively while also remaining sensitive at other times. It’s trust in silence allows the audience to keep their imagination open."



The Peer Raben Music Award 2022 went to David Kamp for the music to "Zoon" (directed by Jonatan Schwenk). The jury consisted of Richard Bellis, composer, Hannah von Hübbenet, composer and Carina Mergens, editor.

The statement of the jury:

The winning score of this year’s competition represents a combination of craft and contemporary concepts of film scoring. The Peer Raben Music Award 2022 goes to David Kamp for his score to "Zoon".

The amount of diversity in this year’s competition led to the recognition of two additional works, those being "Slipping Away" and "RIM", with the score of "Slipping Away" representing skill in story-based composing and the music for "RIM" standing for concept originality. This is why the honourable mentions of the Peer Raben Music Award 2022 go to Olivier Militon for "Slipping Away" and to Marcus Sander for "RIM".

The Peer Raben Music Award honours the best music in a short film and is endowed with 1.500 Euros. It commemorates the composer Peer Raben (1949-2007), who is known for his work for Rainer Werner Fassbinder, among others.



The SEE THE SOUND Jury awarded the prize for the Best Music Documentary 2022 to "Anonymous Club", directed by Danny Cohen and produced by Philippa Campey.

The jury consisted of director and producer Frank Scheffer, Sasha Prokopenko, programmer at Kyev International Short Film Festival, and director and producer Tim Spreng.

To quote the jury: 

"Anonymous Club" shows in a sensitive way the creative vulnerability of the enigmatic and introverted singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett. This antithesis of a rock biography captures the intimacy of the process strikingly and transforms it beautifully into the organic 16mm film form.

The jury also awarded a Special Mention to both "Oh, It Hertz" and "Charli XCX: Alone Together".

For "Oh, It Hertz", directed by Gunnar Hall Jensen, the jury highlighted the way "…the music documentary successfully explores the world of sounds around us, connecting to a lead character who presents this in a unique way."

For “Charli XCX: Alone Together”, directed by Bradley Bell & Pablo Jones-Soler, the jury was captivated by the artistic delicacy with which “…the film portrays a beautiful connection between an artist and their fandom stuck in months-long lockdown. Digging into their anxieties and insecurities, heated up by the isolation, they help each other soothe loneliness and feel a sense of belonging.”

The Award is endowed with 2.500 Euros and goes to director and producer.

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